Friday, 25 September 2009

Handy Websites 1

These website are taken, mostly, from the Summer 09 Teachers Magazine published by the DCSF.  A mixture of chemistry and physics. 

Practical Physics - from the nice people at Nuffield and the IOP. Practicals for all occasions (with risk assessments too!)

The Naked Scientists - Podcast and linked website.  Interesting answers to science questions, and articles about current science research.

Lancaster University Particle Physics Package - Aimed at A level Physics students.

Chem4Kids - American website which introduces children to the essentials of chemistry.  Also available for other sciences.

Future Morph - Site to give students an idea about the range of science careers available.

Planet Science - extensive site developed from the Science year a few years a go.  Lots of fun things to explore.

Web Elements - An interactive periodic table.